// Themed Cakes for Childrens Birthdays//

One area of growing up that we never forget is the childrens parties that our loved ones put on for us, and the highlight of the party? The cake of course! There is no better way to celebrate that extra year that is oh so important on the playground than with a feast of a party with an amazing cake, and the best kinds are the ones that are themed.

What kind of themes are there for birthday cakes (and parties?)

  • Your favorite sports team or player.
  • A film or television show (these are great for kids who just love the latest movie craze)
  • A game or other activity.
  • The child’s age (how about a massive “8 today” birthday cake?)
  • A name. Nothing better and more personal than your child’s name on a delicious cake.
  • An animal. Maybe your child has a favorite type of animal. Cat or dog lover? Maybe even penguins or a more exotic animal.

Trust me when I say that your child will greatly appreciate the birthday cake that you have personally made as opposed to a supermarket bought, boring cake.

Where can you get them?

A lot of local cake shops will be more than happy to take personalized orders, or a quick google search of your area will probably show you what you need. Sometimes free ads or just asking your friends if they know anybody can be a good way to find someone with the needed skills, as they may not have websites or shops of their own.

Can you make them?

There are websites out there that will show you some great ways to create all sorts of types of cakes, and if you’re willing to put in the work and have a bit of a flair for baking then of course making your own cake is definitely an option, you can even buy accessories online to help you. 

How much should I expect to pay?

Remember that you are not only paying for somebody’s time, but for ingredients and equipment too, and you may well be looking at over $50 for a well made custom cake, which may sound like a lot for an already expensive celebration, but don’t be scared off by the price, this could be something your child will treasure for years.